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Baby Mumma Diaper bag

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Big bag: L * W * H: 40cm * 14cm * 29cm

packet: L * W * H: 26cm * 10cm * 22cm

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★ ★ super cute ★ Mummy package

Mummy beautiful oversized bag, with bottle bag, changing mat

Oh, go on the road with this, and you must be the most  eye-catching beautiful mother! !

Big bags is a Messenger bag whose length can be freely adjusted.

Large bag have pockets on both sides, which also attach the right side of an invisible zipper pocket, so you can put some small piecemeal stuff. In addition to the main package, there is a large front pocket with a zipper, and there is a large pocket, ha ha, enough for you to keep a lot of things. Mothers no longer have to worry about the stuff. 

Small bag lightweight and convenient, beautiful and lovely,

Bags, bottle bags are of material 600D which is a new material, It is better than cotton and PVC, high-grade, very strong and durable, not afraid of planning, plumbing, really super good! !

The new 600D material is disposable so it doesnt harm the environment. 

If dirty, gently rub with a brush dipped in water. So busy moms its not a big deal to clean this bag.

It is not pvc fabric, so it doesn't wear in winters.

Not cotton material, so that mothers worry, not accidentally pierced!

Lined with high-grade pvc, moisture. Insulation